10-Year-Old Boy's 10-Day Trip to Thank Police Officers

He’s on a ten-day road trip with his mom for his tenth birthday, and Tyler Carach wants to spend the time thanking police officers by giving them free doughnuts.

“It makes me happy,” Carach told CBS News. “Because I get to thank the person that keeps my family safe.”

The Florida ten-year-old got the idea for the doughnut trip back home. In a store, he saw four cops and decided to buy them doughnuts with his allowance.

And his big heart has led to a big goal. When asked how many police officers he wants to receive the doughnuts, he said, “Every single one in America.” 

By the second week of November, Carach had given out 34,000 doughnuts. The generous campaign even has its own Facebook page. 

One stop included Las Vegas, where he thanked the officers and first responders for what they did after last month’s shooting rampage.

“If you breathe good into the world, if you speak good into the world, if you do good into the world, it does come back to you,” Sheena Carach, Tyler’s mother, told CBS News.

“I get to go and see these grown men and women tear up sometimes and come to me and say, ‘You have no idea what this means to us,'” she continued.

“To see this little boy give so much support and love, that’s awesome,” Houston officer Thomas Wozniak shared with CBS News.

As far as career goals for Carach? Yes, you guessed it – he hopes to be a police officer one day.


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