Anne Beiler: People Will Find Jesus at the Museum of the Bible

Anne Beiler, known by many as Auntie Anne, founder of the famous pretzel shop, celebrated the opening of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. Friday.

The entrepreneur and sought after speaker is a member of the museum board.

“I believe that visitors, when they come here, they’re going to sense the truth of the Bible,” Beiler tells CBN News.

She says the board had many discussions about how to present the Bible to the public and always came back to the same place.

“We believe that the Bible speaks for itself and you cannot read the Bible or come here to this place without understanding that Jesus is the Word of God and he is the Bible and so our prayer and our discussions were based on the fact that as people come here the word of God stands alone, it is truth and it doesn’t have to be propped up by any of our opinions about it. The word of God speaks for itself,” she says.

This week CBN’s David Brody reported that Jesus isn’t featured as prominently at the new museum as many visitors may expect, but Beiler says she doesn’t think folks will have any problems finding Him.

“I really believe that Jesus is the word of God and I am not a debater and I’m not a theologian, but my opinion is that Jesus Christ is the Bible and that’s just why I believe that people will find him here because he is the Word of God,” she says.

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