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Customers at Sam’s Club Break Out in Spontaneous Worship and it’s Awesome

When someone starts jamming on the keyboard at a Sam’s Club and breaks out in an epic version of “My God is Awesome” what should you do? If you’re at this Sam’s Club, you join in!

Even a young employee gets in on the action. Beautiful. Watch and enjoy!

My God is awesome, He can move mountains
Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain
My God is awesome, heals me when I’m broken
Strength where I’ve been weakened, forever He will reign

My God is awesome, He can move mountains
Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain

My God is awesome, heals me when I’m broken
Strength where I’ve been weakened, forever He will reign
My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome
My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome

My God is awesome, Savior of the whole world
Giver of salvation, by His stripes I am healed
My God is awesome, today I am forgiven
His grace is why I’m living, praise His holy name
My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome
My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome
He’s mighty, He’s mighty, He’s mighty, He’s mighty, Awesome, awesome
He’s Holy… Awesome…
He’s Great… Awesome…
He’s mighty… Awesome…
Deliverer… Awesome…
He’s holy… Awesome…
Provider… Awesome…
Protector… Awesome…
My God is awesome, He can move mountains
Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain
My God is awesome, heals me when I’m broken
Strength where I’ve been weakened, praise His holy name

Anne Beiler: People Will Find Jesus at the Museum of the Bible

Anne Beiler, known by many as Auntie Anne, founder of the famous pretzel shop, celebrated the opening of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. Friday.

The entrepreneur and sought after speaker is a member of the museum board.

“I believe that visitors, when they come here, they’re going to sense the truth of the Bible,” Beiler tells CBN News.

She says the board had many discussions about how to present the Bible to the public and always came back to the same place.

“We believe that the Bible speaks for itself and you cannot read the Bible or come here to this place without understanding that Jesus is the Word of God and he is the Bible and so our prayer and our discussions were based on the fact that as people come here the word of God stands alone, it is truth and it doesn’t have to be propped up by any of our opinions about it. The word of God speaks for itself,” she says.

This week CBN’s David Brody reported that Jesus isn’t featured as prominently at the new museum as many visitors may expect, but Beiler says she doesn’t think folks will have any problems finding Him.

“I really believe that Jesus is the word of God and I am not a debater and I’m not a theologian, but my opinion is that Jesus Christ is the Bible and that’s just why I believe that people will find him here because he is the Word of God,” she says.

'It's Time to Engage the Artillery and Kill You All': How Another Church Massacre Plot Unfolded

Seattle police thwart another plan to shoot-up a local church just on the heals of the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting.

Authorities arrested a 25 year old man who made repeated threats against the Cross and Crown Church. Edeek Grigorovich Goga who once attended the house of worship sent angry emails to the pastors saying its “time to engage the artillery and kill you all.”    

Church leaders say Goga displayed behaviors that suggested he needed mental help. When they advised him to seek this help, the one time attendee began sending violent threats.  Police say the documented harassment started about 18 months ago escalating in October with verbal threats against parishioners warning them “people are going to get themselves killed now.”   

Police became even more alarmed prompting his arrest when Goga posted photos of an AR-15 rifle with ammunition and the tag line “going on an adventure.”

Just two days after the massacre in a Texas church where 26 people were murdered, Goga sent this message to church leaders, “It saddens me that you guys weren’t the ones shot instead of the ones in Texas.”  He continued his angry rant writing “I’m hoping someone finds it in their hurts (sic) to burn you all alive in your church building.”

Goga is currently in King County Jail awaiting trial for felony harassment.

Disturbing Trend of Attacks on Pro-life Displays on College Campuses

Violent attacks against pro-life displays and demonstrations on college campuses are on the rise.

In the last month nearly a dozen pro-life displays on campuses across the country have been vandalized, according to Students for Life, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization. The group recently released a video showing pro-life displays being attacked on college campuses.

The video (WARNING OBSCENE LANGUAGE) shows one man hurling profanities and violently punching and overturning pro-life signs that depict aborted fetuses. 

Another man can be seen pulling crosses representing the lives of aborted babies out of the ground in a makeshift cemetery.

A Fresno State University professor is also seen trying to stifle the free speech of pro-life students by erasing pro-life messages from a sidewalk.

According to Hot Air, a pro-life group had a permit for a demonstration on the school’s campus.  The messages, written in chalk on a sidewalk read, “Women need love, not abortion.”

Greg Thatcher, a professor of public health, claimed the messages should be allowed only in a designated “free speech area” on campus and says in the video that “college campuses are not free speech areas.”

“You have permission to put it down and I have permission to get rid of it,” Thatcher can be heard telling a pro-life student as he used his foot to erase a chalked message.

The two students sued and a court sided with them ordering Thatcher pay them $1,000 each in damages and $15,000 to the Alliance Defending Freedom, which filed the lawsuit.

Another video taken at George Mason University also shows chalked pro-life messages being washed away by opponents. 

Campus police told pro-life students that they had the right to write their messages on the sidewalk, but the pro-choice students had the right to erase them.

Meanwhile, the attacks on pro-life displays have become so common that Students for Life has complied a map of vandalizations nationwide. 

The map covers more than 40 incidents and counting, including stolen pro-life signs and vandalized crosses.

The group says it will not back down to adversity while fighting to save the lives of the unborn.

Former Google Exec Says Artificial Intelligence is 'God,' Creates New Religion

Artificial intelligence is already disrupting employment, recreation, the economy–and now religion.

A former Google executive is so inspired by artificial intelligence, that he’s creating its first church. Anthony Levandowski says AI should be seen as a God because it’s smarter than any human being. 

“It’s not a god in the sense that it makes lightning or causes hurricanes. But if there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it,” Levandowski told Wired.

According to paperwork filed with the IRS, this new church, called “Way of the Future,” will focus on: “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software.”

It goes on to say the church will try to “develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead, contribute to the betterment of society.”

“The idea needs to spread before the technology,” he insists. “The church is how we spread the word, the gospel. If you believe (in it), start a conversation with someone else and help them understand the same things,” Levandowski said.

Levandowski believes that this church will help smooth the way as machine intelligence begins to take over.

“If you had a child you knew was going to be gifted, how would you want to raise it?” he asks. “We’re in the process of raising a god. So let’s make sure we think through the right way to do that. It’s a tremendous opportunity.”

He hopes his church will facilitate research about AI but also inform the public so that AI is not seen as silly or scary.

In contrast to established churches, Levandowski says his AI God is tangible. 

“This time you will be able to talk to God, literally, and know that it’s listening,” he told Wired.

In response to questions about whether his efforts will be seen as blasphemous, Levandowski said that some people will likely be upset, but that’s what happens when people pursue, “radical ideas.”

Levandowski says that like other religions, WOTF will eventually have a gospel (called The Manual), a liturgy, and probably a physical place of worship.

These Are the Amazing Heroes Who Stopped the Elementary School Massacre, Just in Time

RANCHO TEHAMA RESERVE, Calif. (AP) – A school secretary at a tiny elementary school rushed out to shoo children inside. A custodian swooped in, yelling “get into the classrooms,” at kids in the play yard.

Inside Rancho Tehama Elementary School, children and some parents huddled under desks as bullets riddled the tan and teal portable classrooms.

“I didn’t know what was happening and this boy was like, ‘Get down, get down!’ He did not want some people to get hurt,” 6-year-old Aileen Favela recalled Wednesday.

She was in her class with about 15 first- and second-graders when shots came through the window Tuesday during the shooting rampage by 44-year-old Kevin Neal. Favela ducked under her desk as she heard shots – “like a lot.”

Randy Morehouse, the district’s maintenance and operations head, said Neal “tried and tried and tried and tried to get into the kindergarten door,” but it was locked.

Neal then went to the back side of the cafeteria and reloaded, Morehouse said. He came onto the playground and shot at a passing car before running back to his vehicle and driving off.

“It’s probably the worst day of my life. It’s every teachers’, I’m sure every parents’ worst nightmare,” said Jennifer Bauman, who teaches first and second grade and had her classroom window shot out. She pulled several fourth and fifth graders into her classroom when the shooting started and they helped protect and quiet the younger pupils and let her know which ones had been slightly wounded by flying glass.

Authorities credited the quick action of school personnel, who jumped into lockdown mode, for saving dozens of students at the school with a student population of about 100 students 130 miles north of Sacramento.

“I really, truly believe we would have had a horrific bloodbath at that school if that school hadn’t taken the action that it did,” Assistant Tehama County Sheriff Phil Johnston said.

Corning Union Elementary School District Superintendent Richard Fitzpatrick said there were many heroics during Tuesday’s incident, starting with the school secretary quickly recognizing the threat.

He said it “made all the difference between 100 kids being around today and dozens being shot or killed.” One student was injured.

Fitzpatrick said he met with teachers, aides and staff Wednesday. He said they did not want to talk to reporters and did not want their names made public.

“I am brokenhearted about the boy who was injured, but I am truly grateful we are not suffering any higher penalty,” he said.

Bauman, the teacher, said she ended up admiring the students most of all.

“The kids were amazing. They’re my heroes from yesterday,” she said. “As soon as we told them to get in they got in and they got on the ground and they stayed quiet. They were amazing. I couldn’t even imagine being in their situation as a student.”

Don Bridges, president of the National Association of School Resource Officers, said that since the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, virtually every school district in the country has adopted and regularly practices an emergency plan that includes lockdown drills.

Typically, classroom doors are locked, lights turned off and blinds drawn. Students silently line walls or crouch to avoid being seen by an intruder.

Inside the school Aileen Favela was worried about her brother, a fourth grader.

“I thought somebody was trying to, like, get into the school to kill people,” Aileen said.

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Georgia School District Bans Coaches from Praying with Team: Players Pray Anyway

Fans noticed one difference last Friday night when the East Coweta High School football team in Georgia took off their helmets to pray before the game — no coaches were present.

The Coweta County School System has banned the coaches from participating in the traditional pre-game prayer.

So in a show of solidarity, the entire team took off their helmets and standing shoulder to shoulder, prayed right next to the bleachers with many parents and students in the stands clasping hands and praying with the team.

Last month, a group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), a Wisconsin-based non-profit, wrote a letter to the Coweta County School System, warning them it was illegal for public school employees to participate with students in prayer. It included a video showing Coach John Small bowing his head in prayer with his team. The video, the group said, was taken by a local concerned citizen.

According to The Newnan Times-Herald, Steve Barker, the district’s superintendent, asked school board attorney Nathan Lee to provide legal guidance on the issue.

Barker told the newspaper he wanted to make sure to have legal guidance available for school system employees.

“As superintendent, it is very important that when we have any matter with a legal question that we pass along the information to our employees,” he said. “Obviously we have responsibilities to our students.”

“We also want our employees to be aware of anything that they might not even understand to be a problem from a legal perspective,” Barker continued. 

“I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure that we are following the law,” he said.

In addition, last Friday, Barker met with coaches from the three public high schools to discuss the rules surrounding religious activity during school events. 

A memo was then distributed to all high school principals this week.

FFRF legal fellow Christopher Line said Small’s praying with his team violates the First Amendment.

“Coach Small’s conduct is unconstitutional because he endorses and promotes his religion when acting in his official capacity as a school district employee,” Line’s letter said. “Certainly, he represents the school and the team when he acts in his official role as Head Coach of the East Coweta High School football team.”

“Therefore, he cannot lead his team in prayer and he cannot organize or advocate for students to lead team prayer either,” he continued.

Though the letter alleges that Small was leading the team in prayer, that was not the case, Dean Jackson, Coweta County Schools public information officer, told the newspaper. 

Many parents and students were outraged at the school district’s decision to ban coaches from praying with their teams. 

Brian Pace’s son plays on the East Coweta team.

“If you feel the coach is leading the prayer, I could understand the separation of church and state, but what’s to say he can’t take a knee and have one of his players stand up and pray?” Pace told WAGA-TV.

Pace’s wife, Michelle, said she doesn’t see anything wrong with the team prayer.

“I have my right to pray and everybody else has a right to pray, so we’ll stand behind Coach Small and our boys,” she said.

Fourteen years ago, East Coweta graduate Clayton Herndon played for the team under a different coach.

“We said the Lord’s prayer at the 50-yard line before every game.  After the game, we prayed together as well,” Herndon said. 

Herndon now himself a coach, says he has followed in the footsteps of his old coach.

“I coach 8-year-olds on a football team and I pray with them every day,” he continued.

10-Year-Old Boy's 10-Day Trip to Thank Police Officers

He’s on a ten-day road trip with his mom for his tenth birthday, and Tyler Carach wants to spend the time thanking police officers by giving them free doughnuts.

“It makes me happy,” Carach told CBS News. “Because I get to thank the person that keeps my family safe.”

The Florida ten-year-old got the idea for the doughnut trip back home. In a store, he saw four cops and decided to buy them doughnuts with his allowance.

And his big heart has led to a big goal. When asked how many police officers he wants to receive the doughnuts, he said, “Every single one in America.” 

By the second week of November, Carach had given out 34,000 doughnuts. The generous campaign even has its own Facebook page. 

One stop included Las Vegas, where he thanked the officers and first responders for what they did after last month’s shooting rampage.

“If you breathe good into the world, if you speak good into the world, if you do good into the world, it does come back to you,” Sheena Carach, Tyler’s mother, told CBS News.

“I get to go and see these grown men and women tear up sometimes and come to me and say, ‘You have no idea what this means to us,'” she continued.

“To see this little boy give so much support and love, that’s awesome,” Houston officer Thomas Wozniak shared with CBS News.

As far as career goals for Carach? Yes, you guessed it – he hopes to be a police officer one day.

GOP Ties Repeal of Obamacare Mandate to Tax Reform

GOP lawmakers have a bold new addition to their tax reform bill – a repeal of the individual mandate in Obamacare.

Their plan: Save an estimated $338 billion over the next decade by not forcing people to purchase healthcare with government subsidies.

Their incentive: If fewer Americans are mandated to buy health insurance, fewer will sign up for Medicaid or private insurance that the federal government helps to pay for.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, says waiving the mandate will save low-income Americans who make less than $25,000 and pay a penalty for not buying healthcare.

“Rather than buy the insurance that supposedly we want them to buy, we overprice it and then we penalize them when they can’t afford it,” Cornyn said.

If the federal government is able to save $338 billion, it will help solve the fundamental problem of tax cuts – a loss in government revenue after cutting corporate and individual rates.

Republicans also argue that Americans will save by avoiding the Obamacare fine forced on those who don’t pay for healthcare.

“That’ll be a huge influx of money into their pocket that right now they’re having to pay the federal government,” said Cornyn.

But Democrats say ending the individual mandate is a bad idea. They argue it will cause healthcare premiums to spike and point to a government estimate that 13 million Americans will drop their health insurance in the next 10 years.

The president is just back from his trip to Asia and has tweeted his support for the repeal, calling the individual mandate “unfair and highly unpopular.”

The House is set to vote on its own tax bill Thursday and the Senate could vote next week.

If the GOP does indeed pass tax reform and repeal a serious piece of Obamacare, Republicans hope it will show that Washington can get something done. Such legislation could both strengthen the economy and pave the way for the GOP in next year’s mid-term elections.

Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check, Finds Himself Blessed

A homeless man in New Haven, Connecticut says he just wanted to “do the right thing” when he found and returned a $10,000 check to its owner.

Real estate agent Roberta Hoskie lost the check made out to her while running errands. In a Facebook live video posted Nov. 8, she explained “she had a lot of things in her hand and didn’t even know she lost the check.”

“I don’t care what you say. There are so many really good people in this world,” Hoskie said. 

She said she received a phone call from Elmer Alvarez and he told her that he found the check before she even realized she had lost it.  

“There are good people out there,” Hoskie said. 

She also realized her telephone number wasn’t on the check.  Alvarez had to Google the name of her firm in order to contact her.

Hoskie and a couple of her friends went to meet Alvarez on a nearby street corner and he gave her the check.  She thanked him, calling him a “Good Samaritan” and thanking God for him. During their conversation, she found out he was homeless.

She told him to stay at the corner and she was going to write him a check as a reward. The video also shows Hoskie and friends later going back to the corner give Alvarez a check for an undisclosed amount.

As she gave him the reward, the man began to cry.  

“Don’t cry honey, you did the right thing,” Hoskie told him. “I don’t even know who you are, but I thank God for you.  I don’t care what your situation is, God has his hand all over your life.  And whatever you are going through is temporary.”

“You continue to do the right thing. I can help you. I was homeless. I’m going to teach you how to fish. Never underestimate the power of God,” she said.

Before becoming a real estate agent and owning several businesses in New Haven, Hoskie was living in a local shelter.

Alvarez says he’s now working on getting a job and getting his life back together.  

“First of all, I believe in God,” Alvarez told The New Haven Register. “My faith is what keeps me going through. … I always believe that once you do right, right always comes back to you. Because God don’t like ugly.”

Hoskie is offering Alvarez free classes at her real estate school. 

“I know it sounds so cliché, but you cannot judge a book by its cover,” Hoskie said.  “There needs to be more people like Elmer.

Watch Hoskie’s Facebook video below to see Alvarez give her back the check and to see how he’s blessed in return.