Disturbing Trend of Attacks on Pro-life Displays on College Campuses

Violent attacks against pro-life displays and demonstrations on college campuses are on the rise.

In the last month nearly a dozen pro-life displays on campuses across the country have been vandalized, according to Students for Life, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization. The group recently released a video showing pro-life displays being attacked on college campuses.

The video (WARNING OBSCENE LANGUAGE) shows one man hurling profanities and violently punching and overturning pro-life signs that depict aborted fetuses. 

Another man can be seen pulling crosses representing the lives of aborted babies out of the ground in a makeshift cemetery.

A Fresno State University professor is also seen trying to stifle the free speech of pro-life students by erasing pro-life messages from a sidewalk.

According to Hot Air, a pro-life group had a permit for a demonstration on the school’s campus.  The messages, written in chalk on a sidewalk read, “Women need love, not abortion.”

Greg Thatcher, a professor of public health, claimed the messages should be allowed only in a designated “free speech area” on campus and says in the video that “college campuses are not free speech areas.”

“You have permission to put it down and I have permission to get rid of it,” Thatcher can be heard telling a pro-life student as he used his foot to erase a chalked message.

The two students sued and a court sided with them ordering Thatcher pay them $1,000 each in damages and $15,000 to the Alliance Defending Freedom, which filed the lawsuit.

Another video taken at George Mason University also shows chalked pro-life messages being washed away by opponents. 

Campus police told pro-life students that they had the right to write their messages on the sidewalk, but the pro-choice students had the right to erase them.

Meanwhile, the attacks on pro-life displays have become so common that Students for Life has complied a map of vandalizations nationwide. 

The map covers more than 40 incidents and counting, including stolen pro-life signs and vandalized crosses.

The group says it will not back down to adversity while fighting to save the lives of the unborn.



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